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Setting Up a Multi-Touch Campaign: Guide to Resending the First Email

A multi-touch campaign is a strategic method of engaging your customers through a series of well-planned communications. Unlike automated campaigns that are triggered based on specific user actions, multi-touch campaigns are typically scheduled and coordinated ahead of time, often aligning with certain events, product launches, or promotional periods such as Diwali or a seasonal sale.

The unique advantage of a multi-touch campaign lies in its adaptability. It provides the flexibility to use different channels such as emails, SMS, or WhatsApp messages, but the choice to mix them is entirely up to you. You can also implement features like split conditions and A/B testing, enabling you to tailor the customer journey to optimize engagement and conversions.

Another important feature of multi-touch campaigns is the ability to resend emails, acting as a gentle reminder for users who might not have interacted with your initial message, thus providing another opportunity for engagement. Now, let's walk through the process of setting up a multi-touch campaign and resending the first email:

Step 1: Navigate to Campaigns

From your dashboard sidebar, click on the Campaigns option.

Sidebar with the Campaigns option highlighted.

Step 2: Create a New Campaign

On the top right of the Campaigns page, click on the Create Campaign button.

Create Campaign button on the top right.

Step 3: Enter Campaign Details

Enter your campaign name in the provided field.

Field to enter Campaign name.

Step 4: Select Campaign Type

Choose Multi-Touch as the campaign type from the dropdown menu.

Multi-Touch option.

Click Next to proceed.

Next button.

Step 5: Select Target Users

Choose your target users based on your campaign goals.

Target user selection.

Click Next to proceed.

Next button.

Step 6: Set Campaign Delivery Time

Choose your preferred campaign delivery time.

Campaign delivery time selection.

Expand Advanced Settings. Here, you can enable smart sending settings according to your needs. To learn more about smart sending, click here.

Smart sending settings.

You can also set your SMS quiet hours if you plan to incorporate SMS into your campaign.

SMS quiet hours settings.

Select a conversion event from the dropdown menu.

Conversion event selection.
Click Next to proceed.

Next button.

Step 7: Create Campaign Flow

Click Open Flow Editor to create your campaign flow.

Open Flow Editor button.

Inside the Flow Editor, drag and drop an Email block into the flow.

Email block location.

This is how your flow should look after adding the Email block.

Flow editor with the Email block added.

Click on the Email block. On the right side, you will see Email Block Settings. Enter the email name, email subject, and email preview text in their respective fields.

Email Block Settings.

Click on Design Email.

Design Email button.

You can select an existing email template or create a new one by clicking on Create from Scratch.

Email templates

After selecting your email template, verify its contents or make necessary changes. Click Save if you've made any edits, and then click Continue.

Email template editor with Save and Continue buttons.
You will be redirected back to the Flow Editor, where you can see the attached email template.

Flow Editor with the attached email template.

Step 8: Add Delay Node

You have the option to insert a delay between emails. Simply drag and drop the delay block into the flow where required.

To adjust the delay time, go to the right side of the screen and make your desired changes.

Delay node inside Flow

Step 9: Resending the First Email

Click on the More button (three dots) in the email block. You will see two options - Clone and Delete.

More button in the email block with Clone and Delete options

Click on Clone. You will see that the first email has been copied to the same flow.

Flow editor showing the cloned email block.

Optional: Add Split Conditions

You can set split conditions between emails. Drag and drop the block into the flow as needed.

Delay and Split Conditions blocks.

For example, here's how it looks after adding a split condition before the second email.

Flow editor with Split Condition block added before the second email.

Click on the split condition. On the right side, click on Condition.

Split Condition settings with Condition option.

You will see three options. Select the one you want to apply.

Condition options.

Select the conditions based on your requirements and click Save.

Save button

After this, navigate back to the Campaigns page.

Close Button with icon

Click Save or Launch based on your needs.

Save and Launch buttons.

And that's it! You've now set up a multi-touch campaign with the ability to resend the first email. Happy campaigning!

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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